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Technicians and professionals


If you are a Technician, register as such by presenting in pdf or JPEG, a copy of your federative title that accredits it and your ID. And you will enjoy a% discount for life on all products on the web.

Subscription to our newsletter in these cases is mandatory. Within the process of registration as a technician.


If you are a tennis teacher and you are looking for advantages for your students or acquaintances, we offer you a collaboration agreement so that you can carry out the commercial management of our articles with them. In short, you become our "Ambassador" in your area.

We will give them a% discount for coming from you and we will reimburse you for the same amount, for everything they buy (from their shopping tickets). This discount is additional to the one that the products may have at that time, either because there is a special Christmas promotion, etc.

The discount for your students or acquaintances is applied to the Public Sale Price and will be made automatically in the "Shopping Bag", by entering a code.

The amount that corresponds to you for these sales will be accumulated in your virtual wallet account. At the time you want, you ask us for the total or partial payment of the account and we will send it to you in the form of a gift card from us, so that you can spend it in our online store, or from another company in the sector, where you can buy balls, strings and more things for your tennis lessons, which we do not sell at the moment. You decide how you want it.

Operational - We will send you a "DISCOUNT CODE FOR STUDENTS" on a quarterly basis. It is quarterly, so it is only used for purchases of those 3 months in question. They will only have to enter this code at the time of payment and that's it. During those months, it will always be the same, so you can use it as many times as you want. And as many students or acquaintances as you have.

The product that they buy with your discount code will come to you. So that you give it to them, so you can also keep track of the things that are bought with your code and who does it.

Registering as a new customer and subscribing to our newsletter within the purchase process with "DISCOUNT CODE FOR STUDENTS" is mandatory, if the student or acquaintance is not already there.

Requirements - That you are a technician, and you have already registered in our store as such.

Agreement - Here you will find the link to the form that you will have to fill in to register as "DIO AMBASSADOR". In this tab the percentages of your commissions are reflected. Quarterly you will be sent a list of purchases made, linked to your account. This agreement is renewable on an annual basis, as long as there has been at least one purchase during the last year. Otherwise we understand that you are not interested and we consider it canceled. Being able to reactivate it at any time you want.


And if you are a Professional Player and you want us to sponsor you, contact us at and according to your ranking we will offer you a corresponding sponsorship agreement, which you will love.



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